When Strong Women Do Great Things
by Tricia Williford
November 03rd, 2016

“When strong women do great things, they have to do what it takes for everyone to be taken care of.” ~ my friend, Diana

I serve on a team with Diana as we host a monthly event for women. (It’s something I’d love for you to come to if you are: a) anywhere near the Denver area, and b) a woman, but that’s a different conversation.) Diana leads, I teach, another woman plans all the connectivity, yet another one plans hospitality, and then we open the doors and women find each other. It’s awesome.

So we were trying to plan a meeting so we could debrief from last month and plan next month, but it’s never easy to do with jobs and kids and families and all the things. Then one of the women said, “Well, I think I could meet Thursday afternoon. The worst case scenario is I’ll have to bring my little boy.”

It’s a common, everyday problem among moms of preschoolers, and Diana’s response was wonderful and gracious and worth repeating. First, she gave all the grace for Jennifer to bring Mason, and then she said:

When strong women do great things, they have to do what it takes for everyone to be taken care of.”

Don’t you just love that? I do.

I want to write it on everything, on behalf of the strong women doing the hard things and making sure all the everyones are taken care of. It’s not small thing and it’s not an easy gig.

I’m fairly confident that we’re all strong people doing great things. I always have more grace for the person in front of me when I remind myself that we are each doing our personal best.

And let’s be honest: there’s a lot of “everyone” to be taken care of.

Do what you need to do in the way you need to do it with the information and resources you have.  That’s all there is, strong girl.


This originally appeared here and is shared with the author's permission.

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