Sweet Feet
by Tricia Williford
September 08th, 2016

During my bedtime yoga, there’s this great part of the sequence devoted to flexing and massaging the feet.

Adriene tells us how good and valuable a foot massage is, how you need to be kind to your feet, and she suggests that if you have someone in your home with whom you could trade the favor of a foot massage, it’s just an all around great thing to do.

And you can almost hear her catch herself mid-sentence, realizing that she may have perhaps suggested something that a great many of her viewers cannot do: ask a partner for a foot massage.

So she quickly adds a postscript, “And if you don’t have someone, then don’t go into toxic thought world. Just treat yourself kindly. The practice of giving yourself a foot massage is very good for your soul.”

So I listen to her, I don’t think about what I don’t have, and instead I breathe into my core and rub circles along the arches of my feet.

Well, this particular yoga sequence is to prepare me for bed, so I intentionally pay less attention to what’s happening around me. Also, I’ve done this video a couple dozen times, so I can do the whole thing with my eyes closed, listening only to her soothing monologue.

So I was startled just a little bit when I felt two hands on my feet: Tucker.

He had been listening to Adriene. He heard her suggest how wonderful it is to give someone a foot massage. Without speaking, he simply knelt at my feet and took matters into his own hands.

It’s perhaps one of the sweetest gifts of touch I’ve ever received.

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