Okay, maybe not Never.
by Tricia Williford
June 16th, 2016

Okay, maybe not Never.

“Mommy!  I have been looking everywhere for you, and I thought you left me!”

He was on the verge of tears as he found me in the Target aisle.  I was not far, I had my eye on him, and he had been safe.  He just didn’t know those three things were true.

I got down on his level, the only way to truly make eye contact and a direct point.  “Buddy, listen to me.  I will never, ever, ever leave you.  When you go anywhere with me, you can know for sure that I will bring you back home with me.  I will never leave you.”

His brother tapped me on my shoulder.  He leaned in close, whispering in my ear, “Mommy, I do have to tell you: I’m planning to go to college.”

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