Are you a speaker . . . or blogger . . . or author . . . or school . . . or ministry . . . as well as someone who likes what FaithHappenings is doing locally, regionally and nationally?

Do you have a website that gets a fair amount of traffic?

FaithHappenings is looking for affiliate partners who will prominently display one (or more) of these logos on your website.

What FaithHappenings is looking for:

1. You make extra money by helping FaithHappenings gain exposure so we can build membership:

When you ask someone to click on this logo from your website, they get directed to FaithHappenings. If they sign up as a member (free to do so), they are automatically tracked back to your unique Affiliate Number that is automatically populated into the "referred by" field in the sign-up process.

For every person who signs up, you are credited with 5 points. For every calendar quarter that you don't cash in your points, they earn interest at 20%. Each point is worth 5 cents. Example:

  • Quarter 1: 150 members x 5 points = 750 points. Hold and now you have 900 points.
  • Quarter 2: 100 members x 5 points = 500 points. Hold and now you have 600 points.
  • Quarter 3: 75 members x 5 points = 425 points. Hold and now you have 510 points.
  • Quarter 4: 50 members x 5 points = 250 points. Hold and now you have 300 points.
    • Total: 2300 points. If you hold for 4 consecutive quarters, we'll add in another 20%: now it's 2760 points (you've made 100% interest). A check for $138 is yours. (And yes, you can simply ask your friends and family on email or social networking sites to sign up and use your referral link.)

But you can also trade your points for space and benefits all over our site and your points double! Using this same illustration, you could now have $276 to spend for you or someone you know on the site. If you only use a portion of it, then you'd get 50% of the balance in cash. It's your choice.

2. Vendors:

Are you connected with other people who should be posted on our website? If they sign up and use your referral number or link, you get commission! If your vendor signs up as a member using your referral, the website will always remember this and you'll be credited for any future purchases this vendor makes.

  • 25% for new listings
  • 10% for renewals

Who qualifies as a vendor? These types below who have websites we can track:

  • Author/blogger/speaker
  • Ministry
  • Counselor/Therapist/Life Coach
  • Christian Camp
  • Musician
  • Conference/wedding/romantic getaway locations
  • Wedding helpers (photographers/planners/musicians)
  • Family Fun locations (they don't have to be owned by a Christian)
  • Nanny's/Doulas/Midwives (Christian)
  • Christian HealthCare professionals (doctors/dentists/nutritionists/chiropractors/personal trainers)
  • And more...

Would you also want to promote membership or find vendors via Facebook, Twitter, or email? Just go to YOUR profile and download the link. Everything will get automatically tracked back to your profile (and you can even see who and how many have signed up, right on your profile!)


  1. Go to:
  2. Become a member (unless you are one already)
  3. Click on "edit profile" which can be found in the profile box on the home page
  4. Choose the option "FaithHappenings sharing widgets"
  5. Use the Direct URL to refer people on your social media: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Simply cut and paste this Direct URL web link, or use the green "Click to copy direct URL" button and paste on your social media page.


Use one or more of the 3 Image widgets to refer people by using the green "Click to copy the hidden HTML code" button under the desired image widget and paste into your desired HTML web program. It will automatically recognize your profile and track those who sign up through you accordingly. You can use a square one as a side ad and/or a rectangle one for your site footer. Your web designer should be able to upload this in minutes.

When you are ready to become an Affiliate Partner, please email us at: for a one-page agreement. We will also need a W-9.

Thank you.

The FaithHappenings Team